Finding a Doctor

  • If you suspect you have narcolepsy, it’s often best to consult with a sleep medicine specialist, as many primary care doctors don’t have a thorough understanding of this disorder.
  • Your primary care physician may know of good sleep medicine specialists near you. In addition, some online directories offer recommendations, though these resources may not include all the available specialists in your region.

The general public and most doctors have a limited understanding of narcolepsy, so it can be difficult to get a prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Many people with narcolepsy struggle with their symptoms for years before being diagnosed, and even then, it can be a challenge to find the best medications and treatment strategies. Persistence is key.

Ask your primary care doctor for the names of qualified sleep medicine specialists near you. Though the following directories are incomplete, you can also search for a sleep professional or clinic at’s “Find a Sleep Center Near You” web page, a resource from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, or at the National Sleep Foundation’s “Find a Sleep Professional” web page.

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This content was last reviewed on February 21, 2018