Healthy Sleep

Understanding the third of our lives we so often take for granted

Why Sleep Matters

Health, memory, safety, and the cultural significance of sleep

The Science of Sleep

The brain, jet lag, caffeine, and aging and how they influence sleep

Getting the Sleep You Need

Achieving better rest and heatlh, and knowing when to seek treatment

Continuing Medical Education for Physicians

Video Highlights

Sleep researchers are discovering how sleep is vital for learning and memory, and how lack of sleep impacts our health, safety, and longevity. (6:13)

Sleepy Driving

Balancing the demands of work and parenthood, Kirsten explores how developing sleep routines in her children can help ensure a lifetime of healthy sleep habits. (4:49)


Margaret describes her lifelong struggle with insomnia. (1:27)

A consultation with a behavioral sleep specialist

Dr. Janet Mullington discusses how studies suggest a link between sleep deprivation and increased risk for cardiovascular disease. (0:31)

Dr. Janet Mullington

Because their body rhythms drift in a later direction, many teens struggle to wake up for school. Matt decides that it is time to address this problem at his school. (4:12)


Dr. Lawrence Epstein discusses what to expect from a sleep evaluation and sleep study. (1:39)

Dr. Larry Epstein

Dr. Charles Czeisler discusses the link between motor vehicle accidents and tired drivers. (0:42)

Dr. Charles Czeisler

Sleep problems are not inevitable as we age, though individuals need to pay attention to healthy sleep habits. (4:22)


Dr. Stephen Amira discusses how an individual might decide whether to choose sleep medication, a behavioral approach, or a combination of the two. (1:31)

Dr. Stephen Amira